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In the process of carton packaging and printing, the printing process is particularly exquisite. Different printing processes will produce different printed products. Here are some printing processes in color box packaging and printing.

Design and manufacture of skin care products package
Gravure printing:
Compared with other printing methods, the ink color of gravure printing products has a full three-dimensional sense, rich layers and clear lines. This printing process is suitable for printing large quantities of color box packaging products, and can be used for printing stamps, plastic products, tobacco and wine labels and other products. However, due to a series of factors, such as complex plate making technology, long cycle, high plate making cost, unfavorable to environmental protection, the use of gravure printing is less;

Offset printing:
Offset printing is offset printing, which is a kind of printing process with flexible printing format. It is not only used for the printing of color box packaging products, but also for the printing of newspapers, posters, magazines and other paper products;

Screen printing:
Silk screen printing is a kind of printing technology used in the packaging of color box products around us. For example, local UV screen printing technology, screen printing can adjust the thickness of the screen to form ink accumulation, with a good three-dimensional sense. In addition, screen printing can also be used for the printing of self-adhesive labels.

In our life, the more common flexo packaging is made of corrugated cardboard box. It is called flexographic printing because it uses a plate with elastic raised image. Flexographic printing has the characteristics of large format, low price, linkage production and reduction of carton strength loss in the manufacturing process, but its precision is not high, so it can't print color box packaging with high precision requirements.

The above are several printing processes in color box packaging printing. Each printing method presents different finished products and has its own advantages.