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Color box refers to folding box and color thin corrugated box made of cardboard and thin corrugated board. It has the characteristics of light weight, portability, wide range of raw materials, environmental protection and exquisite printing. At present, in the world, especially in developed countries, the definition of "color box" packaging is very clear, including food, alcohol, medicine, daily use / cosmetics, tobacco, electronic products and other paper box packaging are all in the category of "color box" packaging.

Generally, it is used as a medium-sized packing method, between the inner packing and the outer packing. As the name implies, the color box is generally made up of several colors, giving people a strong sense of vision, so that buyers and users have a little understanding of the overall appearance and color of the goods and other details. It is especially suitable for goods that cannot be unpacked before purchase.

A color box production process can be divided into three steps: pre press, in press and post press. wine packaging
Prepress: refers to the work in the early stage of color box printing, generally refers to design, production, typesetting, film production, etc;
1. This stage of design is mainly completed by you in coordination with the designer and the printing factory. First, you design the packaging and printing documents according to your own requirements with your own cooperative design company or advertising company. Our designer will also give professional opinions to assist in the selection of packaging materials.

2. Out of film, film is a transparent film that transfers electronic documents through the imagesetter and is used for printing and printing.
The design documents will be sent to our printing plant, and our printing plant and film company will export the film. After the film is released, the printing shall be determined according to the size of film, the thickness of paper and the color of printing.

3. Making knife mould and mounting pit production, knife mould needs to be determined according to the template and the printed semi-finished products. A good knife mould determines the exquisite and perfect appearance and shape of the color box. Mounting pit is mainly used on the pit box. According to your requirements, choose different pit paper and stick it together with special machines.

In printing: refers to the process of printing finished products through printing machine in the middle stage of color box printing;
After printing: refers to the work in the later stage of color box printing, generally refers to the post-processing process of color box, including laminating, cutting, die-cutting, gluing, etc.
1. The appearance treatment of printed matter is mainly to process and beautify the surface of color box, including laminating, bronzing, UV, oil polishing and other processes.
2. Machine and cutter mould are used for molding. Make the color box die-cutting to form the basic style of color box.
3. Gluing refers to gluing the parts of the color box that need to be fixed and connected according to the template or design style. Through the above process, a color box is made.