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Carton packing has advantages over other materials

In daily life, we see the packaging of all kinds of goods can be said to be most of the gift box packaging, so color box packaging printing plant as printing or packaging industry personnel, understand the color box and color box printing is an indispensable part of our understanding of relevant knowledge.

As one of the four major materials of modern packaging, paper can be widely used in packaging products in various industries. Due to the wide sources of paper materials, its price advantage and light quality compared to metal materials, compared to the glass material is not easy to break the characteristics, so that it has become the choice of packaging materials for many businesses. And paper material relative to plastic environmental protection, more make it has a good development and application prospects.

Paper packaging printing is the mainstream of the product packing in the carton printing and packaging products mainly include color box printing, gift box, its widely used in various industries of packaging, such as cosmetics box, medicine, health care box, wine box, tea box, food box, etc., so the color box to say will always is the mainstream in product packaging, so the importance of color box printing is self-evident.

And color box printed matter is to point to by card paper and fine corrugated board these two kinds of materials made of folding carton and color fine corrugated box. It has the characteristics of light weight, portable, wide source of raw materials, environmental protection and exquisite printing. Now the definition of "color box" packaging is also very clear, food, wine, medicine, daily necessities, cosmetics, electronic products and other paper packaging boxes are within the scope of "color box" packaging.