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The special color of the Square Book Shaped Packaging Box with Magnetic is that the color of the image does not pass the CMYK four-color setting, but the color that has been adjusted before printing or produced by a special ink manufacturer to print the color. The use of spot colors can make color management more Be precise. During spot color printing, the whiteness, gloss, and ink absorbency of the printed paper bear the greatest impact on color deviation. Therefore, when deploying spot colors, you should "sample" the paper to be printed on the machine, and observe and Check the actual color performance so that the printing effect can be reflected more realistically.


Spot colors are often used to print a specific color. Although the color cannot be accurately displayed on the computer screen, you can see the accurate performance of the color in printing through the color card of the standard color matching system. In general, the spot colors referred to in printing design almost use Pantone color.


Spot color printing

Pantone is the world's leading color standards company and color authority. In 1963, the company's Chairman and CEO, Mr. Lawrence Herbe, invented the world famous Pan Wild Color System. These color matching systems now include printing, publishing, packaging, graphic arts, painting arts, computers, movies Global video communication standards in many fields including video, video, textile and fashion industries. With its books, software, hardware and related products and services, Pantone Colors has now become a world-renowned universal color standard and global color language. Pantone inks have a fixed color spectrum and color card. Users need a certain Pantone color to find the corresponding code. Computer design software almost has Pantone color libraries and uses it to define colors.


From the perspective of printing effect, the spot color printing ink color is uniform, the solid is thick, and the saturation and purity are higher than the four-color overprint. The color effect of printing is beyond the reach of four-color overprint. Therefore, when printing a large area of ​​uniform color blocks, it is best to replace the four-color printing with spot-color inks.

Sometimes in order to highlight or set off a color image, a special hue is usually added as a background or full-color block when designing. The color image part is printed in four colors, and the solid part should be printed in spot colors. In this way, the color image and the real part can get good color effects, but pay attention to accounting for the printing cost, because the printing supplier will calculate the printing cost according to the 5-color printing, and the platemaking and printing costs will increase.