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There are many kinds of color box packaging styles in the market, which come from the obvious process characteristics in printing, various design concepts, and the meaning of expression are also different. What are the outstanding characteristics in carton packaging printing?

Diversified printing methods of color box packaging
In addition to conventional offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing and screen printing, in order to increase some special decoration or functional effects, special printing technologies are often used in packaging printing, such as three-dimensional printing, laser holographic printing, liquid crystal printing, combination printing, etc.

Many changes in production methods of color box packaging and printing
According to the requirements of products, the production mode of color box packaging printing shows distinct characteristics, such as: many varieties, many specifications, high quality and grade, and the number of printing varies from dozens to millions.

The variety of substrate varies greatly
In general, printing is usually carried out on paper, while the packaging materials of color box include not only paper and cardboard, but also corrugated paper, plastic, metal, glass, ceramics and various composite materials, etc.; the modeling of color box packaging containers is also becoming more and more diversified, including plane, curved surface and irregular surface packaging printing products. Therefore, the printing materials and forms of color box packaging products are different.

Complex processing before and after printing of color box packaging
Packaging and printing materials are diversified, and paper packaging and printing often need polishing, film planting, die cutting and other processing, In plastic packaging printing, in order to increase the adhesion of ink on the plastic surface and eliminate static electricity, the plastic is usually pretreated by corona before printing; in metal packaging printing, the white ink is printed by coating before printing, and the smooth oil is printed and pressed into cans after printing.

Color box packaging and printing products need to meet the packaging suitability
In order to meet a series of requirements in the process of packaging and using, packaging and printing products must have some characteristics, such as: packing and filling resistance, friction resistance, content physical resistance, water resistance, light resistance, odorless and eye-catching.

It is the existence of the above characteristics that makes the pattern of color box packaging increasing and innovating. The outstanding characteristics of color box packaging printing make the printing industry more valuable and effective.