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With the development of the society, people's aesthetic ideas also increase day by day, so the concept of packaging came into being. Just as people need to wear clothes, now on the market linglang goods are also wearing plain or gorgeous "clothes" packaging. Merchants in order to seize the market, on the packaging box is painstakingly, with much thought. Indeed, proper packaging can catch customers' eyes and increase their desire to buy. Since packaging is so popular, what are the functions and functions of packaging?

Now follow the PAP packaging to see what paper packaging can do and how it can be used.

Packaging function as packaging innovation process, pay more attention to the function of packaging, packaging concept, the development of new packaging materials, packaging design, development, science packing operation mechanization, automation, and management mechanism, with the development trend of modern packaging technique method is bound to change. But no matter how to change. Used in the production of sales move. Abandoned in the process, protection, convenience, message function is still the most important function of packaging.

Protection function: protection is the most basic function of packaging, which refers to the protection of the content, to ensure the product in good condition to reach the hands of consumers. Packing should prevent moisture, volatilization, pollution and microorganism. In some fields also to prevent exposure, oxidation, heat or cold and bad odor absorption; Also often want to prevent the component, skin fragrance and distribution of the loss of pinched damage. The effectiveness of protective items is closely related to packaging. Through scientific packaging structure and appropriate packaging materials, packaging can be very good protection of products, such as paper and foam plastic with the buffer effect, metal and glass shielding effect.

Fine wine box packaging design and production

1. The protective function of paper packaging shall be effective from the beginning of product use to the end of consumption.

2. Convenience function: convenience is another important function of packaging. This convenience includes several aspects,
First, the packaging itself processing convenience, easy to produce, wash, reuse;
The second is the convenience of stock transportation, which is easy to identify, move and save space.
Three is the use of reasonable and convenient, before the purchase of easy to identify, after the purchase of easy to carry, open, use, storage, reuse, etc. The convenience function of packaging is an important factor for product promotion, stimulating consumers' desire to buy and improving the value of shanglu.

3. Information transmission function: the package must have the function of information doubling to convey the relevant commodity content, which is bought through the package design. The information conveyed includes applicable information and promotional information. Promotion information is more refers to the packaging design of the attractiveness of the orchid, such as unique shape, novel design, prominent color, exquisite font, different texture will be attractive to consumers, become an important means of marketing lu, and is conducive to the establishment of a good corporate image in the minds of consumers.

The function of packaging the development of packaging to today, has gone beyond the literal "package, and" pack "simple concept, it involves a wide range of aspects, from mathematics, physics, aesthetics, marketing to sociology, psychology and so on. To achieve its commercial function,

A good package must have the following elements:

1. Can accommodate products;

2. Can protect the product;

3. Can express contents clearly.

4. With characteristics, cui is mined differently from other products;

5. Promote products and facilitate consumers to use;

6. It does not pollute the environment and can guarantee the ecological balance of households;

7. Cost rationalization. In fact, we can learn the basic principles of packaging from nature to many of our own Revelations. Such as a peanut, a clip of beans, a banana have the most natural, perfect packaging, their structure is reasonable, quite beautiful, easy to use, will not pollute the environment. In the modern fierce market competition, lu must use advertising slave body to promote sales, and its own should have the function of propaganda, marketing, packaging design is to promote, advertising products long important means. The effect of PAP packaging on packaging is summarized as follows:

1, product publicity, marketing role: focus on the characteristics of the product research, such as sales objects, sales methods, prices, etc., for the product packaging design for the most direct publicity. Do not force other media orientation, so that product packaging into a "silent salesman."

2. Attractive visual communication effect: the visual beauty of various packaging forms, colors, symbols and advertising display effects can attract the attention of consumers and arouse their purchase desire.

3, improve the role of corporate image visibility: cooperate with the development of corporate image recognition system (VI), rope consumers to the impression of business lu, make them produce intuitive confidence, and the quality of lu, package to give affirmation, establish trust in the enterprise. Packaging is the most direct and effective advertising carrier for product brands and the bridge for face-to-face communication between brands and consumers. After understanding the functions and functions of packaging, different design methods should be used to create visual effects for different audiences, so as to lock the eyes of consumers and reflect the overall impact of the brand.