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Custom logo foldable magnetic box post-print processing mainly refers to surface finishing, binding technology and other processing methods to improve the print's compression resistance, water resistance and sealing or environmental protection performance. The post-printing process in the industry refers to the surface decoration of printed matter as the main direction. Generally speaking, the post-printing process (hereinafter referred to as the printing process or process) mainly refers to a series of processing steps after the substrate is printed. It includes beer-shaped, Cutting, bumping, embossing, nicking, bronzing, laminating, folding, punching, glazing, laminating, die cutting, binding, packaging, etc.


Excellent custom logo foldable magnetic box prints must add points to the packaging items they carry and add value to the product. They must have the following basic conditions: creative design, suitable printing carrier, accurate printing color reproduction and detailed Post-press processing, printing and post-press processing can be regarded as two processing technologies in the process of printing finished products. For example, the conception, topic selection and creation of calligraphy and painting works are the main processes, but there are still many processes to go through before going on the market. Exquisite painting and calligraphy works always need to be completed after professional installation. The printing process is also a very important process for printed products.


Post-press processing technology is more complicated than the printing process because of the wide range of equipment, materials and technologies involved, from simple cutting and binding, common bump embossing or hot stamping gold foil processes, to complex profile die cutting and advanced digital control. Optical fiber cutting, etc., the post-printing process has exceeded the scope of the narrow printing itself, providing designers and printing technologists engaged in the printing and packaging design industry with a broader and deeper world of free creativity.


In the process of planning and designing as well as the post-printing process, there are several aspects that need attention:

1. Prepare printing process samples as reference standards for design

2. What kind of print carrier is selected has a decisive influence on the printing process.

3. If possible, compare the various materials you need

4. Develop a detailed processing plan and discuss with printing suppliers

5.Special processing procedures must be specified

6.Don't ignore the requirements for details even for simple craftsmanship

7. If it involves manual work, making the samples yourself is the best way


As customers, many of them are customer designers 'docking, but more of them are customers' purchasing staff. When purchasing, understand the quotation of printed products, you need to understand some simple printing process background, so that packaging printing plants will communicate more efficiently and service.