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China is a country that pays great attention to etiquette. Whether it is visiting friends or catering to guests, you need to prepare gifts. Tea, as an important drink in China, naturally cannot fall. As a result, tea comes in a variety of pleasing gift boxes. However, different tea packaging gift boxes are made of different materials, so what are the materials of tea packaging gift boxes? De Nuo will tell you about the materials used in the tea gift box packaging factory.

Tea gift box packaging factory tells what is the material of the tea packaging box

There are many kinds of packaging boxes in the market of tea gift boxes. The packaging materials commonly used by tea gift box packaging factories are mainly PET, VMPET, pearl opp, matte OPP and other materials. These are mostly used for conventional product packaging. The ecchymosis of BOPA and AL is generally used in high-end packaging, and it is not widely used in ordinary packaging. Paper materials generally include gray-backed white paper, white-backed white paper, double-sided coated white card, etc. There is also a kind of low-corrugated paper box, which is stronger than other paper boxes. Does plastic material have solvents? Compound, dry compound and extrusion compound three major plates, of which dry compound as the mainstream. Food materials are mostly transparent, boil-resistant, high-barrier packaging bags, which are generally divided into two-layer structure (KPA / PE) and three-layer structure cardboard after printing, and some auxiliary printing processes are also done after printing, such as Embossing, silver / gold stamping, window opening, foil, etc.

The packaging materials of these tea gift boxes are packaging materials that are common in our daily life. The quality of the packaging is also related to the quality of the materials. The same packaging made with different materials gives different results. However, if the tea gift box packaging factory wants to give people a high-end and atmospheric feeling, they still need to find a designer to design carefully. Foshan DeNuo Printing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in gift box paper packaging, specializing in the production of gift box packaging, gift box packaging, packaging carton, folding gift boxes, heaven and earth gift boxes, book gift boxes, drawer gift boxes, pit paper boxes , Color boxes, single product packaging, color box packaging, gift bags, etc., specializing in the custom production of various clothing, shoes and hats, jewelry, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, health products, tea and other color boxes at reasonable prices.