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The 15th day of the lunar calendar is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, and it is also a festival that Chinese people pay more attention to. On this day, a delicate moon cake packaging box is indispensable. As a high-end gift box manufacturer, PAP color printing packaging tells everyone what the moon cake gift box packaging does?

High-end gift box packaging manufacturers tell what the role of moon cake packaging is

Everyone knows that the most basic and important point of the packaging box is to protect the product, so that during the transportation of the moon cake, the moon cake is minimized or even prevented from being contaminated and damaged by external factors, which reduces his original value. .

Mid-autumn moon cakes have the role of packaging boxes, and achieve the most basic convenience and necessary conditions in logistics transportation and commodity circulation. Mid-autumn moon cakes are packaged according to certain specifications, shapes, total numbers, and unused packaging boxes, which is helpful to organize the total number. And facilitate the circulation of goods. The brand logo, drawing and text description on the gift box are not only convenient for customers to distinguish, but also introduce the categories of Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes in detail, so that everyone can have a better understanding of the Mid-Autumn Festival through the gift box.

A beautifully patterned moon cake box packaging and clever use of text must give the product a finishing touch. If you need any customized aspect of the box, please contact the high-end gift box manufacturer PAP color printing packaging. Focus on gift box packaging, gift box packaging, packaging carton, color box packaging, gift bags, etc.