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What are the three printing methods of carton packaging?

1. Gravure printing
Gravure, ink full of three-dimensional feeling. Among all kinds of color box printing methods, the printing quality is the best. And the quality is stable. Long printing plate life. Suitable for mass printing. Gravure printing can print extremely thin materials, such as paper less than 80g. But gravure plate making is complex and expensive, and its benzene containing ink pollutes the environment. These two problems affect the development of gravure printing. Especially with the decrease of a large number of printing parts, a large number of low-cost printing parts are required for short version, which makes gravure printing lose market.

2, offset printing
Offset printing is mainly used for printing paper materials. Single sheet offset printing machine color box printing size can be changed, more flexible. The offset press is also improving its printing function. After improving and adding some parts, corrugated board can be printed. After improvement and installation of UV drying device, UV printing can be printed.

3. Flexography
The main advantage of flexographic printing is simple equipment structure, easy to form a production line. The flexographic printing machine is the simplest one among the three printing equipment of offset, concave and flexographic printing. Therefore, the price of flexographic printing machine is relatively low, and the equipment investment of color box printing enterprise is small. At the same time, because the equipment is simple, easy to operate and maintain. At present, the vast majority of flexographic printing machines, such as Tang Jin, glazing, cutting, cutting, die-cutting, indentation, drilling, window and other processing lines, forming a production line. Greatly improve labor productivity. Flexographic printing can print almost all color box printing and use all substrate. Especially in the color box printing, the corrugated paper printing is unique. At present, water-based ink is widely used in flexographic printing. It is non-toxic and pollution-free, beneficial to environmental protection, especially suitable for packaging color box printing.