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In order to highlight the unique creative design effect of custom wine cardboard gift packaging boxes, special craftsmanship technologies can be selected to realize, and in-depth understanding and flexible use of these special crafts are important indicators to test the depth of visual design and the breadth of printing level. The special craft is the essence of custom wine cardboard gift packaging boxes design combined with craftsmanship display, it plays a role in drawing the point and also has anti-counterfeiting functions.


Special printing process

From the perspective of the combination of printing processes, the special processes often said in the industry mainly refer to the combination of offset printing technology and screen printing technology, as well as more complicated special processing technologies such as offset printing or silk printing based on hot stamping gold foil technology. They use the advantages of different printing technology to combine, complement each other and reflect each other to produce exquisite printed matter.

There are also combined printing systems composed of traditional printing technology and NIP technology, combined printing systems composed of digital printing technology and NIP technology, combined printing systems composed of traditional printing technology and digital printing technology, and NIP technology, etc., no matter what As far as pure process technology is concerned, various special processes usually refer to the following common process technologies that can be operated independently.

From the perspective of printing material selection and production process, the special process actually covers all levels of printed matter from design to finished product. The common process technologies on the market are: gold cardboard matte, silver cardboard matte, color onion powder, pearl effect, planting Cashmere technology, holographic anti-counterfeiting technology, thermal embossing, color-changing ink, and multiple process compounding.


From the perspective of printing technology or paper selection, what are the advantages of special technology?

1. Strengthen the visual effect of printed matter, so that the product packaging has a strong visual impact;

2. It can be far ahead of competitors in terms of product appearance;

3. Help designers realize various strange effects and expand the visual design ideas

4. If the art of paper is used again, such print reproduction is almost impossible;

5. Therefore, the special technology has certain anti-counterfeiting functions;

6. Obviously, special craftsmanship is the best shortcut for product addition.