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Wine gift box packaging factories usually have to proof a single product in the early stage of packaging. PAP will communicate with customers to verify the production of large-scale production tasks, so as to avoid large-scale scrap. However, occasionally when the single product proofing is produced with the consent of the customer, many detailed problems will also occur.

Problems that are easily overlooked in the production and mass production of wine gift box packaging plants

For example, a red wine gift box produced by the PAP packaging factory in the early stage did not detect any major problems after the proofing of the single product. During the mass production operation, we found that multiple red wine gift boxes were manufactured and completed. When placed together, The lower layer of the top and bottom double-layered wine gift boxes is very prone to loosening defects. After specific analysis, PAP found that the root cause of this serious consequence is that the support of the top and bottom double-layered red wine gift boxes is too thin. Such problems cannot be found during placement. Therefore, we must fully consider the problems during the early proofing operation. We must fully consider all kinds of problems that will often occur in mass production and processing. Some problems when we are It can be avoided in the early stage, and some problems may be discovered later. Therefore, these problems will have a great impact on the production efficiency of our packaging boxes.

In addition to these problems, we may also encounter from time to time the problems of incomplete color consistency between this batch and the next batch during mass production. We should pay sufficient attention to these problems, and customers who are not completely consistent in color usually do not Acceptance will cause a considerable economic loss to the packaging printing factory. The whole sentence of intelligent original sometimes has a large difference between the processing technology of mass production and the production method of samples. Considering a series of problems such as delays and inadequate product qualification rates when mass production is not considered.