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Eye-catching gift boxes and pattern designs are often very colorful. The outstanding Personalized Logo Printed Paper Perfume Packaging Box not only empowers the product but also enhances the brand competitiveness and brand image. How to design an extraordinary gift box pattern?

To take a closer look, first, determine the consumer group to collect the pattern and then personalize the Logo Printed Paper Perfume Packaging Box. For example, if your product's target customers are middle- and high-income business men, the pattern can be selected from classic stripes and geometric patterns for combination. For female students with low and middle income, you can choose ins style, cartoon elements and so on. Choose a pattern according to your target crowd positioning.

The second is the color matching. The patterns are exquisite but the colors are not powerful. Everything is also in vain, so pay attention to color matching. For example, the choice of high-end and soft Morandi color series is now depending on the strength of the printing house. Of course, the simple black-and-white combination with UV printing and hot stamping process will also be amazing.

After the Personalized Logo Printed Paper Perfume Packaging Box is completed, it is also crucial to choose a printing and packaging factory, which determines the texture, color, and integrity of the finished product. The high-quality design is fully demonstrated through the packaging box, which tests the strength of the factory. We sincerely recommend PAP Printing. We have 20 years of production and design experience, focus on the packaging and printing industry, and provide customers with one-stop overall packaging box design and production. Welcome to contact us at any time.