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The hot stamping process is the finishing touch. The small area of ​​the hot stamping pattern on the Personalized Cardboard Custom Logo Stamping Luxury Gift Box still grabs attention. Packaging and carton manufacturers recommend that the hot stamping process be improved instantly, knowing that the fineness of these hot stamping processes will not be low.

What is hot stamping? It is the process of transferring the pattern on anodized aluminum to the substrate through the action of heat and pressure. Hot stamping technology includes common hot stamping, bump hot stamping, cold stamping and holographic stamping.

Personalized Cardboard Custom Logo Stamping Luxury Gift Box manufacturers recommend that the more widely used hot stamping technology is round flattening in the common hot stamping process, because it can be hot stamped on a wide range of substrates, and is also suitable for large-area hot stamping. And its surface gloss is good and the stamping accuracy is high.

Cold stamping: A method of transferring metal foil to a printing material using a printing adhesive. In contrast to hot stamping, which does not require heating, the process cost is lower and energy is saved. Under the circumstance that the current environment protection and resource saving consciousness is getting stronger, being respected is also a promising technology.

Concavo-convex stamping: its advantages are that the hot stamping and concavo-convex processes can be completed at the same time, the production efficiency is high, and the overprinting failure rate is reduced. Molds made by modern engraving technology can be curved to achieve a three-dimensional relief effect, which is difficult to achieve by etching.

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