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1. How long is the printing period of packing box order?
The time of delivery depends on the requirements of the printing order. Gift box packaging, cardboard box our production cycle is generally in 3-8 working days, usually in 4 working days. If the order is processed after printing, such as laminating, binding, pasting, die cutting, stamping and so on. Generally, the construction period will last for 7 working days. Gift box, hardcover box, due to the manual production process, the construction period will vary depending on the difficulty of the box process, generally in 14-28 working days.

2. How to prepare for printing?
You can find a professional advertising and packaging design company. Of course, we can also provide you with the typesetting, design and production of prepress documents. We will provide you with free proofing.

3. How to prepare prepress documents for printing?
If you don't have time to come to prepress production company for proofing, we will assist you to complete prepress production immediately. Please pay attention to the following aspects of the documents you bring. They will help you save valuable time.
1. Please confirm that there are all necessary files in the document. Please confirm that the image file must have been included in the document. Sometimes, although the image can be displayed and presented, the image is actually missing or the resolution is low, so please confirm the necessary image and provide the image file with enough precision in the document. (image resolution not less than 280 pixels / inch)
2. Don't forget to copy in the necessary fonts. Please make sure to provide the necessary styles. Although some fonts are displayed, they still need to be copied in the printable fonts before they can be output. Only by ensuring that the printable and inputable fonts can not waste your own time, or transfer the font curve to us.

4. Chromaticity difference of manuscript, proofing, printing and computer screen:
Draft and its corresponding proofing is the best choice to reduce the error and save your cost and time with us. The proofing corresponding to the electronic file is closest to the printed product. The printing effect of the computer screen display is much brighter than the actual printing, so it can not be used as the same reference, so the printing proofing shall prevail. This is because the color formation of the display and color paper products is quite different. The display uses the three primary colors of red, green and blue to emit light to form an image. This principle of color formation is called RGB, which is widely used in TV and computer displays. Color printing is to print red, yellow, blue and black ink on paper products to form color images. This principle is called CMYK, which is widely used in four-color offset printing technology. Another important reason for the obvious difference between computer display and printed matter is the color standard of the display. If your computer monitor fails to correct the color correction, the display effect of the computer will be different from that of the computer monitor with correct color correction. Therefore, it is necessary to invite professional and technical personnel to adjust the display effect in time. Different printing materials will also make the printing effect different. Generally speaking, the printing effect of copperplate paper is much brighter than that of offset paper. The above preparations can help you and us to reduce all kinds of possible problems. Speed up the delivery process to avoid increased costs. However, if you are short of every job mentioned above or don't understand our suggested requirements, please don't worry, we will cooperate with you in various conditions as much as possible. Please provide all the documents you can. We will call you at any time to confirm the completion of the work.

5. How is the printing quotation formed?
All the products of our company are printed and customized products. The product price is calculated by the following parameters.
Paper material (e.g. 300g gray card) + box size (L * w * h) + box style (e.g. sky cover, drawer box) + color (four colors, spot color) + process (light film / dumb film) + customized quantity
The more customized a single style, the cheaper the price. Generally, we suggest customers to customize more boxes at a time within the budget, or try their best to put the same products in the same package with different number of products in a single package into the same box shape, so as to save costs.