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With the economic development and the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for material life, and pay more and more attention to the packaging of gifts, such as the packaging structure is also very exquisite. Now let's look at the common structure of box printing.

Packaging box printing common structure: world cover and swing cover type packaging box

This kind of packaging structure is one of the most common in daily life. This kind of structure is in the box surface according to different graphics pressure tangent, can open the lid, can see the goods, but also can see the box surface decoration graphics, text and trademark. This structure is easy to open, easy to take out the goods and easy to display and publicize the goods.

Packaging box printing common structure: portable packaging box

This kind of carton adds a handle to the edge of the carton, but the handle is designed as folded as possible to facilitate transportation.

Box printing common structure: open window box

This kind of paper box is used in combination with transparent plastic sheet, which can be divided into three forms: partial window opening, transparent lid and multi-sided transparency.

Packaging box printing common structure: opposite - sex packaging box

This kind of gift box is mainly designed according to the needs of packaging goods, mainly triangular, pentagonal, diamond, hexagon, octagonal, trapezoid, cylindrical, semicircle, book and other forms. This carton is novel and beautiful.

Boxes are printed in different categories

1, carton class: the most common corrugated box, according to the size of the pit (the strength of the corrugated) there are A, B, E, F, G pit, can be made of multiple layers of corrugated.

2, according to the way to open the gift box: drawer gift box, book gift box, heaven and earth cover gift box, up and down cover gift box, flip cover gift box.

3. According to materials: paper box, wood box, plastic box, metal box.

4, according to the accessories materials: bubble bags, sponge, foam, plastic, pearl cotton, a variety of materials lining.

5, according to the simple packaging: paper bags, handbags, plastic bags, bubble bags, shrink film.

6, according to the freight packaging: packing belt, pallet, wrapping film, sealing belt.

7, according to the name of varieties: this way of classification is a large category, this is according to the product packaging box inside the pack

8. According to box type: oblong gift box, square gift box, star gift box, oval gift box, five-pointed star gift box, bow box, triangle gift box, tree gift box, trapezoid gift box, I box, polygon gift box, diamond, various shape assembly.