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Professional manufacturers will show you the production process of New Custom Gift Packaging Box Making. Welcome to our printing world. The trade secrets of the printing house are hidden in the article, be sure to read them.

The first is paper cutting: According to the requirements and uses of the box by the merchant, select the corresponding paper for cutting. The types of paper include single copper paper, double copper paper, corrugated paper, special paper, etc. The single copper paper is commonly known as white cardboard, which is bright and matte on one side, but only the bright side can be printed. Our most common shoe boxes are made from copper paper and corrugated paper.

The second is printing: four-color printing and spot-color printing. The four-color printing is made up of four kinds of inks: cyan, red, yellow, and black. It can be blended into the colors required by businesses, with rich colors and good visual effects. Spot color printing is printed with a specific ink in addition to the four previously introduced, with uniform printing results and cost savings.

The third step is surface treatment: in order to protect the paper and improve the texture of the paper, laminating, oiling, etc. In order to make the finished product more delicate, local processing technology is required: UV printing, hot stamping, bursting and coding. After die cutting and paper compounding, the rigidity and support of the packaging box are improved, and the packaging box is born.

The process of making gift packaging boxes is roughly the same as above. The trade secret is to choose Dano color printing, which saves time, worry, and money. Dano color printing provides you with professional and high-quality services. You are welcome to contact us anytime.