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Although there are still more than two months before the Mid-Autumn Festival, many moon cake manufacturers in China have already been preparing for the Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake sales. PAP suggested to the Chinese moon cake box gift box packaging factory that the packaging boxes need to be customized in advance, because the moon cake gift boxes need to be designed and produced by the factory, which take a long time. So what are the suggestions for the design of the appearance elements of the box? Why don't you listen to what PAP Color Printing Packaging Factory says.

Suggestions for Appearance Element Design of China Moon Cake Box Gift Box Packaging Factory

First of all, let's start with the text. Some materials such as the moon cake culture are included to infiltrate the moon cake culture into the atmosphere of Mid-Autumn Festival moon appreciation and gift giving. Of course, you can also summarize it with beautiful poems and phrases, such as Su Shi's "Song of Water Tune".

Colors should be endowed with Chinese characteristics, family reunion, good fortune and joy. For example, gold, purple, blue, brown, and our unique Chinese red.

In terms of patterns, we can use auspicious happiness, hope and pursuit for a better life. For example, the dragon and phoenix picture of happiness incarnation, the unicorn symbolizing kindness and auspiciousness, Chang'e flying to the moon, and the peony flower representing the reunion of the family can be designed in the moon cake box.