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For many print design service providers in the packaging industry, the general way to solve the problem of quoting Jewellery Gift Logo Printing Cardboard Paper Box is to directly consult the printing and packaging manufacturer. It is also necessary to combine more preliminary work, and by clarifying the thinking of multi-party pricing, in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of packaging printing quotes.


The Jewellery Gift Logo Printing Cardboard Paper Box of price mainly includes the following aspects:

Prepress costs (design + picture scanning + taking photos + digital samples + film output + prepress proofing); printing costs (paper costs + startup printing costs + subsequent process costs); packaging, transportation, tax or other costs; service costs And reasonable profits.


Prepress costs

Design fee: due to the difference in the region and the company providing the service, the personal level of the designer, and the difficulty of the design and production of printed matter. There is no fixed standard for design costs. The market price is charged at 300 ~ 1000 yuan / page. For a large 16-category product catalog, you can charge the creative design fee at 500 yuan / page. If this booklet has 480 pages, then it will be more appropriate to reduce it to 300 yuan / page. Both parties can accept each other. If the number of pages is small, the fee will be appropriately increased. If the reason and printed matter are small, the unit price will be the same.


Image scanning: In the graphic output center, the cost of image roller scanning is generally calculated based on the size of the image file. The general standard is about 0.8 ~ 1.20 yuan / mega. The file size and accuracy of image scanning need to be based on the actual printed matter. For example, if A3 full-size pictures are printed, about 25 to 30 trillion can meet the printing accuracy requirements.


Picture shooting: divided into different categories. If it is a simple product indoor filming, about 300 yuan each, digital shooting should be appropriately reduced. Creative designs and more complicated scenes are set at 2,000 to 10,000 yuan per piece. The cost of hiring a model is separately calculated. Apply for the right to use a regular picture company. The price of each picture is 1,000 to 6,000 yuan per piece. According to different use requirements, some prices are even higher.


Digital sample: Print out the design draft for customers to view and audit. Many digital fast printing companies can distribute it well and charge from 3.0 ~ 5.0 yuan / page (big 16 single-sided)


Film production: large 16-inch monochrome film: 10 yuan, 4-color film: 20 yuan, if the spot color or die-cut version is calculated as a single-color film.

Pre-press proofing: big 16 open four-color proof: 22 yuan / page, spot color proofing: 80 / page.

Printing costs (paper costs + startup printing costs + subsequent process costs + packaging and transportation costs)


Paper cost: The quantity and cost of printed paper are usually calculated by the general formula: full area (square meters) × gram weight (converted to kilograms) × ton price ÷ 1000 (price per kg) × number of impressions ÷ number of openings × 1.1 ( 10% paper loss) = paper cost.

Explanation (① Full-open area: paper length by width, such as large paper 889mm × 1194mm, area is 1.062m. ② Gram weight: the weight of paper per square meter is called gram weight. ③ ton price: paper with a weight of 1 t Price. ④ Number of prints: Number of printed materials. ⑤ Number of open: Open a few sheets of finished product on a full-open paper, such as 16-open means that a full-open paper can print 16 finished-size pages. ⑥ Consumption: Ink and quality control need to be adjusted during printing. Tube, there will be some paper damage, but it will not exceed 10%.

Take an example to explain the calculation process of paper cost: print 10,000 sheets in large size, use 157 grams of domestic sub-powder paper, and the price of 8,000 yuan per ton of paper. Then calculate the total cost of paper for the batch of printed materials. Applying the formula can be calculated as follows: 0.889 × 1.194 (large area of ​​full paper) × 0.157 (paper grams) × 8 (ton price of paper converted to yuan / kg) × 10000 (print number) ÷ 16 (open number) × 1.1 ( 10% loss) = 917 (yuan).

The calculation of the special paper cost is relatively simple, because the price is usually in units of sheets. The simplest method is to divide the opening number and add 10% loss to easily calculate the total special paper cost. If other special materials are also used, the calculation methods are very similar. Due to the difficulty of the production process, it may be noted that the losses may be different.


Printing fee: Also called the startup fee, it refers to the basic costs required by the printing supplier to start printing, which includes electricity, workers, printing, imposition, and other expenses. The following types of models have the following startup fees:

Starting cost of full offset printing press: 1200 ~ 1500 yuan Printing less than 5 reams of paper.

Starting cost for folio offset press: 800 ~ 900 yuan Printing 3 or less.

Starting cost of four-offset offset printing press: 600 ~ 700 yuan


Printing fee: It refers to the direct cost required by the printing supplier to undertake the production of printed matter. It is usually priced according to the color order. The formula is as follows: the number of prints ÷ the number of openings ÷ 500 sheets (1 the number of paper is 500 full open) × the price of printing × the number of colors = Printing costs. For example, 10000 large 16 open (210mmx285mm), 1579 / m2 coated paper with double-sided four-color (4C + 4) printing, the price is 25 yuan, how much is the printing fee? According to the above formula, you can calculate this: 10000 ÷ 16 ÷ 500 X 25 yuan x 4 colors x 2 sides = 250 yuan.

(Note: When the number of prints is small, the printing cost of the color order can not reach the initial printing fee, then the minimum printing fee is calculated. Of course, when the number of printing is large, the color order pricing is not static. You can discuss with the printing supplier for a more reasonable Valuation method).


Printing art. For the convenience of description, we refer to the post-printing processes other than four-color printing as the printing process. There are many types of printing processes, such as bronzing, bumping, embossing, laminating, glazing, over-molding, creasing, beer holes, Paste, die-cut, etc., some complete directly in the printing process, and some processes are completed in the post-printing process.


Packaging and transportation, taxes or other costs.


Packaging and transportation costs. Packaging here refers to the outer packaging of printed products, the cost of which depends on different circumstances. In terms of transportation, if the customer has no special requirements, basically the national printing industry rules are free home delivery. If it is delivered off-site, it is appropriate to add some transportation costs.


Tax expenses. The general service industry's tax is 6%, and the advertising industry is 9%. If it is the general taxpayer's value-added tax, the tax rate is 7%. Due to different regional policies, there will be slight differences, which can be adjusted according to specific conditions. When customers quote and settle, it is best to list the items and pay taxes according to law. PAP Boxes Packaging is a large paper packaging company. All business transactions must be taxed in accordance with national regulations.


Other fee. Printing from design to finished product is often a continuous and iterative process, which requires sufficient patience and care. Due to customer requirements that exceed the contract requirements to modify or repeat the labor part, it must be recorded in detail, and the additional costs incurred as a result are notified to the customer In this way, we can avoid disputes and unnecessary losses in the execution of the contract and safeguard our own interests.


Other costs also include the cost of selecting special paper and special materials. As special paper is increasingly used in graphic media design, it has now been widely recognized by high-end customers and avant-garde designers. Therefore, in many cases, this Expenses are unavoidable. Pay attention to two points. One is that if you buy the paper from the paper merchant after the style of the paper is determined, you need to increase the loss by 5% -10%. The second is to ask the printing supplier whether the design company should bring additional paper Printing fees.


Service fees and reasonable profits

For design service providers, the design and production of printed materials is high risk, because if there are omissions in procedures and technical omissions, even if they are very small, the consequences will be unimaginable. Therefore, it is necessary to add an appropriate service fee as a guarantee of due benefits and risks in the quotation. This part of the fee can be charged at 20% -50% of the total cost budget depending on the difficulty of the product.


Therefore, packaging and printing quotation is also a relatively tedious process. Frequent communication and confirmation are required in order to give the customer an accurate quotation.