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Packaging box plays an important role in packaging goods, so in the customization of color box, we should pay attention to the color matching, which reflects the visual effect of packaging.

Color box is mainly used for packaging in all walks of life. In addition to being strong and durable, modern paper box packaging also has a beautiful appearance. Good appearance can improve the quality of the goods. Therefore, the packaging color box customization is very exquisite skill, especially in the use of color. We must pay attention to the importance of color application, for example, we can coordinate color contrast and cool color tone contrast, so as to form a contrast and bring good visual effect.

The influence of color on packaging is very big. Using the right color can make the packaging box have a finishing effect. On the contrary, if the color is used incorrectly, the overall level of the packaging box will be lowered. Color box printing should pay attention to the use of different colors such as strong color matching, interval color, gradient color, contrast color, logo color and auxiliary color.

In a word, if you want to customize the gift box, you need to find a professional printer to do it. The products made by professional manufacturers are more guaranteed in quality and ensure the beautiful and generous color boxes. Only when such color boxes are used in the packaging industry, can they add points to the packaged goods.