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How can packaging design show high-grade? Believe many customers friends like delicate and beautiful box, but delicate and beautiful box, not everyone can do if you want to go beyond peer or super with product, first of all, this kind of packaging printing design must pay attention before, everyone will have a heart to talk about design is the first think of advertising or product, such as we all know is the Coca-Cola, advertising and product design are people in mind, streets, men, women and children all know this brand is the most in my heart remember, The advertisement of Coca-Cola public benefit performance by Mr. Liu xiao ling tong made me remember it very well and I may never forget it for the rest of my life, because I can remember all the plots in it very well. That's why this public benefit advertisement has been implanted in people's hearts. But in the color box design how will be more high-end than the peer, hui packaging for you to talk about so many years of proofing different industry types of packaging boxes.

1. Match colors

2. Selection of pictures and text

3. Box selection

Colors: the design of each box to understand what he is doing the product box, don't want disorderly industry products are not suitable for color collocation, you a food box, for example, you have to do a color just a few words, then the color box to also not good-looking, no awareness is very low price on the shelf is not enough to attract people, first of all, the color of the box must be more suitable for food packaging bright colour.

Pictures choice: speaking of image text this things, we were to Jiang Xiaobai, the advertisement is the urban rural lanes are known to the AD, and sales of the Jiang Xiaobai is astonishing, this just a short span of two years of time, you know why the other wine all quick collapse, the Jiang Xiaobai still dare recklessly hard and were in doubt this brand, but they did succeed, to believe that a lot of people know their images and AD with particularly strong, so they are not selling products, I think, is to sell advertising.

Box type choice: box type is nothing more than a few different styles, clamshell box, world box, book box, drawer box, door box, shaped box. So many boxes also want to see what customers need.

How can packaging design show high-grade? Compared to read so many cases we all know in the heart, a good sales of color box is where to choose.