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The paper box printing manufacturers have great competitive pressure. It is necessary to make a breakthrough, do a good job in all aspects of printing work, and innovate technology. Then how to prevent moisture after the color box packaging and printing finished products? The following packing box factory will teach you how to prevent moisture in color boxes.

With the continuous development of the times, some items in the gift packaging color box need to be frozen for storage. When it is proposed from the frozen environment, the surface of the gift packaging color box will inevitably condense. At this time, we need to understand some moisture-proof measures.

The paper box printing manufacturer suggests that the warehouse or factory building where the gift box is kept must be well sealed, otherwise, in rainy season, foggy weather or areas with large temperature difference between day and night, it is easy to get damp.

The paper box printing manufacturer suggested that there should be a gap between the gift box and the ground, which can be raised by wooden board, and there should be a certain space for air circulation below, so as to avoid the influence of moisture on the ground.

Paper box printing manufacturers suggest that if there is a condition, you can choose to buy dehumidifier. Generally, air-conditioning manufacturers have gift packaging color box warehouse dehumidifier sales, which is the most simple and fundamental moisture-proof method.

Good color box packaging is what customers need, and its moisture-proof effect is very important. Carton printing manufacturers should pay attention to the moisture-proof function of the products in the process of color box packaging printing.