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See high-grade color box, the first time will be associated with, its packaging products must be high-grade, because it is impossible for businesses in a very low-grade commodity to spend a lot of time to do the packaging, because businesses will go to calculate the production cost of products, packaging box design cost, profit and so on.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to make a gift box upscale:

1. Materials. As a senior printing plant, PAP packaging has about 2,685 kinds of imported specialty paper. The kind of special paper is various, its biggest characteristic is, beautiful, even if just a piece of paper, do pack a box, often can let a person feel concise and easy.

2, craft, the front said special paper, special paper as color box material, will appear on the grade, the front said special paper, if special paper with the appropriate process, such as: hot stamping \ silver, striking convex, UV, etc., can complement each other, impressed. With about 1385 kinds of special craft, I know better how to skillfully match.
Book tea box design and production

3, box, high-grade color box, box type are often let a person shine at the moment, wow, this box shape good special, this is what we call special box, box model is a novel style need stylist elaborate design of structure, designers often need strong space stereo feeling, and to all kinds of thickness of the paper is very understand, in this way, can make a design out of the box is not too tight or too loose. We have 3 senior structural designers with rich experience to meet the needs of different customers.