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Customization is not only a cosmetic packaging, but also a means to guide and stimulate consumption. Nowadays, cosmetic packaging, not only to play the role of cosmetic box to protect products, but also to attract the attention of consumers, to delight consumers. At present, the main consumer groups of cosmetics market are mainly women. Therefore, it is of great significance to fully understand the characteristics of women's consumption psychology and design and customize according to their consumption psychology in order to improve the sales volume of products.

Design and manufacture of festival gift box
1. The psychology of seeking beauty. People love beauty, especially female consumers. Women have a special interest in cosmetic packaging with unique shape and novel style. Therefore, the beauty cosmetic boxes with appreciation value often form strong stimulation to them, and then generate the desire to buy or possess.

2. Emotional. The emotion of female consumers is rich and delicate. When they encounter cosmetics of interest, they are easily affected by the surrounding environment. Beautiful packaging, clear-cut product display, good shopping environment, etc. can arouse emotion and quickly form a purchase decision. When deciding to buy, it is easy to be tempted by the intuitive impression and the appearance of the cosmetic box.

Cosmetics box customization
3. Rich association. When female consumers decide to buy, they often compare the products themselves and associate the use effect of cosmetics. Also through the evaluation of friends and colleagues and comparison in the publicity media, to feedback the influence of cosmetics on self-image. I have a strong desire to recommend cosmetics that I am satisfied with.

Design and manufacture of high grade wine packing box
4. Compare and show off. Young and middle-aged women with higher family income like to compare with others in life and always hope to live better and richer than their colleagues, relatives and friends. When they buy, in addition to satisfying themselves to make themselves more beautiful and fashionable, they may also pursue high-quality, high-grade brand products, or cosmetics packaging with strange, elegant and other distinctive characteristics, to show their superiority in position, economic prosperity, taste elegance and other psychology.

According to the analysis of the above psychological characteristics of women's consumption, the customized cosmetics box should make full use of and meet women's psychology of beauty, emotion, comparison and show off, so as to continuously improve the sales volume of cosmetics.