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Most consumers know the product from the product box printing. In the memory of ordinary consumers, the brand names of various products can hardly be remembered clearly. If manufacturers want to impress consumers, they should "help" consumers to overcome the difficulty of this memory, to create a good first impression to consumers, which is an important factor to win consumer goodwill.

In the custom design of product packaging boxes, the complex features of products should be converted into simple symbols, and the text should be simple, clear and straightforward. In this way, when the purchase occurs, consumers will have a reflection effect in their minds to facilitate the purchase. In developed countries, product packaging accounts for 40% of the total value of its products, and its emphasis on packaging is evident.

For commodity products packing box is indispensable, as inseparable part of the commodity packaging is valuable and has the characteristics of independence is called the addition value of product is packaging requires part of labor use off production materials and equipment which can be calculated or tangible another aspect is through the design of packaging color graphic trademark words and modelling foil gives the invisible, Psychological value enterprises improve the added value of products by means of packaging this information and shape sensory experience and thinking identity from the perspective of life and situation.

Product packaging design is the building appearance of the container or packaging of finished goods is designed in order to obtain a suitable people need strong good creative human things good packaging design in the commercial competition can increase the additional value to arouse the desire to buy consumer goods has obvious promotion effect its ultimate goal is to influence consumers' concept and behavior product brand marketing strategy of success.