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The development of color box packaging industry has led to the development of color box packaging printing industry, but in the process of printing, it is easy to cause noise and waste pollution to the environment. How to solve this major problem?
In the process of color box packaging and printing, the printing press, air compressor and various molding machines will produce different levels of noise, in addition, the binding equipment will also produce a lot of noise.

Using PLC full computer low noise environmental protection printing machine, assembly line and other molding equipment, special treatment of large motor and blowdown pipe gas of boiler can reduce noise pollution. It is suggested to design a fully enclosed mixed sound insulation wall in the plant, which can eliminate the noise pollution to the surrounding areas, achieve the joint development of environmental protection work and the enterprise as far as possible, and make the environmental protection work bring real benefits to the enterprise.

In the process of color box packaging and printing, the pollution caused by discarding the containers containing ink, glue and polish, the waste products produced during printing or trial printing and the waste printed products will cause different degrees of pollution to the environment.

In order to deal with this kind of waste pollution, first of all, classify and dispose all kinds of waste produced in the printing process. Recycle paper and other valuable articles, and recycle the film, plastic film and other substances that are difficult to degrade and harm the environment from the garbage collection station for recycling or sanitary landfill. It can also strengthen the management and guidance of waste reduction, use non polluting or low polluting industrial production technology as much as possible, improve printing methods and technological processes, change raw materials and print structure, so as to avoid waste generation and ultimately reduce pollution.

We must protect the ecological environment. We must pay attention to and solve the noise and waste pollution in the process of color box packaging and printing.