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Dizzy information, how to choose the right gift box factory? One thousand miles, China Gift Box Factory chose this one. Not an ad, see below for details.

Why choose this one? Is it really reliable?

I. Large factory building, automated production equipment, and efficient shipping. Fully automated intelligent production equipment, digital printing press. 10,000 square meters production base, with an average daily output of over 80,000, high-quality tracking services throughout, equipped with a perfect quality control management mechanism. China Gift Box Factory PAP pays attention to details and strictly controls quality, and wins the hearts of customers with a high standard and good attitude.

Second, multiple certifications, product quality assurance. ISO9001 certificate, etc., related awards obtained by participating in activities. We have been striving for upstream and actively participated in various activities, and have also received corresponding honors.

Third, cooperate with powerful brands to achieve a win-win situation. PAP has reached cooperation with Disney, Hello Kitty, Bata, and Leiersdan, and has become a long-term partner. Stronger teams are certainly stronger, are you sure not to choose PAP?

Fourth, strong after-sales support. If there is a problem during transportation or after receiving the goods, contact PAP to deal with it immediately, without delay or evasion. No more worrying about urgent packaging cartons. Of course, this situation rarely occurs after the sale is required. PAP strictly controls the quality and delivery of high-quality products.

One of China's gift packaging box factories is PAP, which provides free proofing services and provides customers with one-stop overall packaging box design and production. Please feel free to contact us.