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Recent rains in some areas in China have annoyed tea packaging paper box manufacturers. Although it is said that the summer is hot and hot, it will be cooler if it rains a little, but the rainy days will increase, and it is likely to get wet if you are not careful. The gift box will be moldy. So, which aspects of tea box carton manufacturers should pay special attention to when avoiding moldy gift boxes?

Tea packaging paper box manufacturers can choose to buy dehumidifiers if they have the conditions. Generally speaking, manufacturers that produce air conditioners are sold in gift box warehouse dehumidifiers. This is a convenient and completely way to avoid moldy gift boxes. Because the warehouse pays special attention to air circulation, when the outdoor environmental humidity exceeds the indoor environmental humidity in the factory area, close the doors and windows, and instead open the doors and windows to record the changes in environmental humidity and ambient temperature. Dehumidification machinery and equipment should be reinstalled to reduce the risk of mold on the company's products.

The warehouse or industrial plant where the tea packing carton custom-made manufacturer stores the gift packing box must also have a good sealing performance. Otherwise, it is very easy to mold in the rainy season, strong convection weather, or where the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large. The raw material warehouse and product warehouse should be maintained regularly. The goods placed in the warehouse cannot be piled on the ground. They must be placed on the material rack to be placed. It is necessary to keep all raw materials clean and tidy.

There must be a gap between the gift box and the ground. It can be suspended with wooden slats, and there must be a certain space for the air to circulate the goods at the bottom, so as to prevent the risk of wet floors. Tea packing carton manufacturers' fabric materials and packaging materials cannot be stacked directly on the ground. They should be separated by wooden pallets, and the distance from the wall is more than 15CM. Do not touch the materials or materials on the wall. Materials, etc. Walls also pose a risk of mold.

The above are some aspects that tea packaging paper box manufacturers should pay special attention to when avoiding moldy gift boxes. If you are interested in the above tea packaging paper box manufacturers or have any questions, we will be your intimate caring Provide box design.