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Many products on the market need gift box packaging, so what tips should businesses pay attention to when customizing color boxes? Good packaging and printing technology of color box will increase the good feeling of products, so it is necessary to master the following tips in the customization of color box.

According to the different requirements for the packaging of color box products, the packaging materials should have certain barrier to moisture, water vapor, gas, light, fragrance, peculiar smell, heat, etc.

Good safety performance
The toxicity of the packaging material itself shall be small to prevent product pollution and human health; the packaging material shall be non corrosive and have the properties of insect proof, moth proof, rat proof and microbe inhibition to ensure product safety.

Better economic performance
Packaging materials should be widely sourced, easily obtained and low cost. After use, the color box packaging materials and packaging containers should be easy to handle and not pollute the environment, so as to prevent pollution.

Suitable processing performance
Color box packaging materials shall be suitable for processing, easy to be made into various packaging containers, and easy to be mechanized and automated for packaging operations, so as to adapt to large-scale industrial production, suitable for printing and easy to print packaging marks.

Proper use of packaging materials is related to cost and safety performance of product transportation
Packaging products with appropriate color box packaging materials can greatly save the cost of expenditure, and with lower cost, the products can also be more secure protection.

The printing performance and use performance of color box packaging are good, which can guarantee the practicability of color box packaging. Therefore, we should master the above skills in the process of color box customization.