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In the increasingly fierce market competition, in order to be invincible, it is important to target this type of target consumer group. The market is so broad, but winning half the hearts of some loyal target groups has been successful. From a packaging perspective, gift box customization manufacturers teach you super practical positioning techniques for target consumer groups.

1. First of all, consider the consumer's gender and age, as well as their education background, social status, ethnic category, lifestyle, consumption habits, consumer psychology, etc., and conduct a thorough analysis and consideration. Select a typical group in the target group. The typical consumer groups have relatively fixed consumption habits. It is easier to increase sales to meet their consumption needs, and cultivate them into loyal customers to save sales costs.

2. Secondly, use consumer psychology for packaging design, according to the group characteristics determined in the previous step, and cater to its aesthetic preferences. Gift box custom manufacturers tell you a little trick is the choice of color. Don't underestimate the visual impact of color on consumers, and the psychological feelings of different color combinations are different. The choice of warm and cold colors, according to the preferences of your consumer groups, the choice is really a big surprise.

3. What is the positioning of packaging? Outer packaging image = internal quality> Consumer's psychological expectation, exceeding the consumer's expectation, it is easy to stimulate consumers to produce consumption behavior, then the packaging positioning is successful. Product packaging and products are sold to consumers. Ignoring the needs of consumers will affect the sales of products. The customization of gift boxes should meet the psychological needs of consumers to make them feel that this product is customized for them, highlighting the uniqueness of the product Sex.