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With the continuous development of the packaging market, the single transport function of cartons has gradually changed to the sales function, and the customers' purchasing psychology and aesthetic values have also changed. On the one hand, the requirements for the appearance and refinement of packaging are becoming higher and higher, and the requirements for the environmental protection performance of products are also put forward. Only by constantly designing and developing new products to meet the needs of customers can we attract customers' interest and stimulate their desire to buy. Around the functional transformation and customer aesthetic trend of the packaging carton, the carton packaging market will realize three changes in the future.

From transport packaging to sales packaging
With the development of commodity society and the improvement of consumers' living standards, the market demand for corrugated boxes with high strength and good advertising and promotion functions is increasing day by day, and the demand for fine printing is becoming higher and higher. Corrugated boxes are gradually changing from transport packaging to sales packaging, which is also an opportunity for the development of the carton industry.

The trend of consumer demand puts forward higher requirements for the strength of cartons and cartons. The weight of cartons and cartons is lighter. Printing develops from monochrome to multi-color outlets. The printing graphics and texts are clear, beautiful and bright, and the outlets have a strong sense of three-dimensional and novel shape. This puts forward higher requirements for the quality of base paper and paperboard, printing equipment, ink, flexible plate, etc.

With the development of flexographic plate and supporting equipment, the processing process of carton printing is reduced, the use of environmental friendly water-based ink is further promoted, and the cartoning technology is also developed from nailing box to gluing box. The printing surface of kraft case board paper is gradually replaced by the carton of white board color printing, and the integration of internal and external sales and packaging is gradually realized.

From single service to diversified service
In addition, the corrugated box industry needs to continue to develop new products to expand service channels. Under the impact of the global financial crisis, as an important industry of national economy, China's packaging industry is facing a huge challenge. The future development direction is to replace wood with paper, plastic with paper, bamboo with paper and metal container with paper.

In order to gain a foothold in the more fierce domestic and international markets, most corrugated box enterprises are gradually adjusting their service objects, improving traditional corrugated boxes and developing new products and varieties. The traditional service object of corrugated box is external packaging and transportation packaging. We should develop and develop innovative corrugated paper packaging in the spirit of scientific and technological development. For example: develop corrugated board tray, honeycomb board, supermarket shelf, buffer material, office supplies, paper toys, paper furniture, etc., and expand the application field of corrugated paper products.

At the same time, the carton industry will expand to the packaging field of paper instead of wood, paper instead of plastic, paper instead of bamboo, paper instead of metal cans and paper instead of bottles. Recycling economy and green packaging are the development focus of national packaging industry, so they can not only make full use of resources, but also protect the natural environment and benefit the country and the people. Paper packaging belongs to green packaging, which not only has use value, but also recycling value. It fully meets the requirements of circular economy and green packaging. With the whole society's attention to environmental protection, cartons and cartons will be more favored by users and customers. Therefore, the corrugated box industry should seize this favorable opportunity to expand the service object of the carton box.

From packaging function to practical function
As a new type of paper environmental protection packaging product, folding box is widely used in the field of application. It makes the products beautiful and easy to carry, which is loved by the majority of consumers.

At present, folding box packaging is very popular in the international market, and its promotion plays a certain role in promoting the standardization and standardization of commodities in China's market. Small assembly folding packing box is mainly used for packing small and light goods such as food, health care products, fruits, vegetables, eggs, frozen aquatic products, small household appliances, instruments, toys, etc. This new type of packing box has many varieties, which can play a good role in protecting products.

It can be seen that the future of the carton industry has a very broad prospect. The majority of carton production enterprises should keep up with the trend of the times in order to win the first opportunity and realize the leapfrog development of enterprises. However, it is not easy to occupy a place in the highly competitive carton market, which requires strong talent support and technical support.

Lack of talents has become an important factor restricting the development of China's corrugated box industry. It is urgent to cultivate a number of high-level professional and technical talents and management talents. According to the development status of China's corrugated box industry, the training of high-level professional and technical personnel and management personnel can be "binary", that is, one part of them will enter the university out of production specialized training, the other part will take the enterprise as the main body, and carry out personnel training in the practice process of developing technological innovation projects. This way may be more suitable for the actual situation of the enterprise, and the effect will appear more quickly. At the same time, we must also pay close attention to the construction of packaging education and training base, so that more corrugated box enterprises can establish directional contact with institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions, and quickly transform advanced scientific research results into productivity through the pilot stage.

In addition to accelerating the construction of professional talents, we should also vigorously improve the mechanical manufacturing level of corrugated boxes, which is also the basis for the development of corrugated box industry. Although in recent years, the manufacturing level of China's corrugated box machinery has been rapidly improved and developed, but there is still a certain gap with the international advanced level. We must study the foreign advanced technology, focus on the development of "high, precise and sharp" corrugated box machinery, and catch up with the international advanced level.

The production line of corrugated board must be developed in the direction of wide width, high speed, fine processing and full automation. There are two points worthy of special attention: first, the production line of corrugated board must be equipped with the production capacity of micro corrugated board to lay the foundation for the development of micro corrugated board; second, it is necessary to implement the important instructions of the State Council on "packaging materials saving instead of wood for mechanical and electrical products", develop 3A heavy corrugated board production line suitable for mechanical and electrical products, and fill the domestic gap.

In addition, green, automation, digitalization and intellectualization have become the development trend of paper packaging industry at home and abroad. Packaging and printing enterprises need to integrate their own advantages and resources according to the needs of product packaging market, deeply analyze and understand the needs of different users, and make full and reasonable use of traditional automatic packaging and printing technology, innovative technology, digital packaging and printing technology The emerging packaging creative design technology has opened up a new market for product packaging and printing, focusing on the gold mine of packaging users of high-end products in various industries, and eventually becoming a community of common destiny with users.

The development of China's carton industry is facing a huge transformation, which brings us great challenges, but also provides us with an opportunity to upgrade and transform. To grasp the future development trend of corrugated box industry and tap new core competitiveness is the key for enterprises to break away from the "Red Sea" and seek long-term development.