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To ensure the quality of packaging box printing, the control of raw materials is crucial

Color positive and powerful control box printing production quality, and the domestic market on the carton printing products are closely related. In practical use, pit box printing products are often used as a means of packaging and transportation, so how not to need a more quality? Therefore, under the current situation of mass demand for carton printing, how to control the production quality of packaging box printing is a problem that every printing enterprise should consider. The following is the package of some answers to this, I hope to help you.

A, packing carton printing offset printing technology: offset printing technology is packaging carton printing one of the most original printing technology, offset printing process before a large number of applications in packaging carton printing, offset printing technology of carton offset printing plate-making process with simple, low cost, the advantages of fast speed, indirect printing technology, is the most widely used today in ShuBaoKan printing, paper printing has been dominant.

Flexo printing technology: compared with offset printing technology, flexo printing technology in the printing technology has been greatly improved, flexo printing technology USES flexible photosensitive resin plate, the graphic part of the protruding, the blank part of the concave, belongs to a kind of letterpress printing technology.

3. Pre-printing technology of packaging carton printing: with the continuous development of packaging carton printing technology, pre-printing technology has been recognized by more and more people. This kind of printing technology is more advanced.

Through the above introduction, it is not difficult to find that the improvement and development of carton printing technology are all from the direction of technology and process, which shows that only more sophisticated process from cost control, to the whole printing process to improve technology, and grasp the display effect. The introduction of this article ends here, I hope that through the understanding of this article, we can understand the development of the carton.

Series cosmetics box packaging design and production

The production quality of packaging paper products printing, to a large extent depends on the production of carton printing products and raw materials. Folding resistance of carton is one of the important quality indexes of carton printing products. China's corrugated carton standards clearly stipulates that: the shaking cover of the carton printing products after opening and closing more than 5 times, 1, 2 types of surface layer and inner layer shall not have cracks, 3 types of box plate outer layer shall not have cracks.

At the same time, PAP paper printing printing product production quality inspection also has a strict standard, the general quality inspection, from the following aspects of the comprehensive inspection. Generally, 6 cartons will be taken from the selected samples for inspection. If they do not meet the above requirements, all the cartons will be disqualified. But in practice, some customers are much more stringent requirements.

Through the above introduction, I believe we have realized that in order to ensure the quality of carton printing, it is very important to control the raw materials, but also need to grasp the production process and the final effect. The above contents must give us a new impression on the printing of the carton, hoping to help the people in need.