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Red wolfberry is a kind of tonic in health, and it is also the holy product of beauty and beauty for female friends. Although red wolfberry is dry, it still needs Eco-Friendly Food Grade Red Wolfberry Gift Box to be stored after drying, otherwise red wolfberry is in The air will be humid, mildewy and the like.

The design of the gift box is simple and gorgeous. Simplicity and details coexist. The Chinese red Eco-Friendly Food Grade Red Wolfberry Gift Box can better embody the nobleness of the gift box, the box is beautiful, set off the grade of the product, and the material is sturdy and resistant to pressure. The role of red wolfberry in the gift box is delicate. It can be used not only for packing wolfberry, but also for medicinal materials, dry goods packaging, a good choice for sending good products, and good wolfberry with good packaging.

PAP color printing packaging has always focused on mid-to-high-end Eco-Friendly Food Grade Red Wolfberry Gift Box and color box packaging design, graceful and coincident packaging design, details can clearly set off its quality ingenuity. A source factory with 20 years of experience in the printing and packaging industry. If necessary, please contact: