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Nowadays, packaging design in many industries has begun to advocate simple design style, and health care packaging factories are no exception. Many health care box designs have changed a lot. It can be said that in packaging industry, the biggest change in style is the customization of health care box. There are many reasons. The manufacturers of health care box have their own characteristics. Let's summarize the most likely reasons for this change.

Analysis on the Main Causes of Too Much Change in the Customization of Health Products Box

1. Style is too luxurious. Although the old people are very rich nowadays and there is no lack of news that the old people are cheated, many of them are very money-conscious and unwilling to splurge on money. Some very luxurious boxes of health care products are customized, which is contrary to their thrifty style. In fact, they are mainly cheated by fraudulent gangs for so much money, mainly because the emptiness around them and in their hearts allows these fraudsters to take advantage of it. It is not that the old people like the very luxurious packaging and printing technology of health care products, but simply that they are facilitated by shushing, chilling and greeting. But with the relevant news reports, young people Also began to care about their parents and elders, many cheaters found that there is not so much opportunity to take, there is no need to spend a lot of cost to build "products", and they gradually found that, in fact, luxury packaging is not as good as their greetings.

2. The demand for endow products, I believe many small partners have found, now whether it is customized or some other health box printing plants, the change in endow is the most obvious, because endow in 2008 with the diversification of styles burst out, and capital inflow, EVA for bottled. High-quality products are a very good foil, while other materials + the operation of satin cloth is very suitable for shark fin, bird's nest, which is similar to the tribute form of products, and more advanced is mounting flocking and other fancy patterns emerge in endlessly, but since 15 years, the health care products have slowly emerged in the type of paper holder, paper holder. Nestor may not look too high-end feeling, and paper holder also has benefits, the cost is greatly reduced, whether it is high-quality glass products, or tribute form of shark fin bird's nest, you can add color pudding matching, paper holder's advantages gradually highlighted.

These two major changes are due to the experience of the carton factory itself in the overall planning list, which can be used as a reference for some small partners who need the customization of health care product boxes. Will there be any design that can be improved or have ideas to break through the current bottleneck situation?