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With the deepening of the concept of environmental protection and low carbon, health issues are becoming more and more important. Green color boxes have become a trend. Low carbon environmental protection has become popular. How to design the Boutique Towels Packing Paper Boxes to be environmentally friendly is a problem. Let's take a look at how the Gift Towels Packing Paper Boxes design proposal from the gift box manufacturer:


1.Collect information, prepare to start, accept the design task list, the text part is necessary, and then through communication, you can catch some keywords that you want to package, such as: leaders or customers will generally describe to you, they probably want What is important is that meeting the requirements of leaders or customers is a key part, otherwise your design is no longer satisfactory, you may not be sure.

2. Enter the two-dimensional design stage. The grasp of the dimensions of the length, width, and height and the screen design is purely based on your experience. Then repeatedly adjust and export the JPG image for self-examination and self-negative modification and comparison. A design Teacher, we must learn to affirm the self and modify the design of the self. The completion of a design is sometimes inconsistent with the expectations before its own design. At this time, self-adjustment and modification are needed to be more perfect.

3.In the 3D software, build a one-to-one model of the package, and then map each face separately. Adjust the lighting and background and other issues. Render the map.

4. Organize all the details you think are necessary, organize them into PPT, and give design instructions. This will look more convincing.

5.The above is the part of the design proposal, which is organized and sent to the boss or customer to wait for the result.

After reading the article, I just want to sigh, this gift box packaging design proposal is really great. With this proposal, the environmental protection problem of gift box packaging can be solved very well.