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People's pursuit of beauty has never stopped, especially in the age of beauty, various makeup brands are constantly emerging, and the cosmetics market is also extremely fierce. How to grab the attention of consumers through packaging, typography skills make Custom Cosmetic Essential Oil Bottle Paper Box shine.

As the saying goes, words are like people, and the choice of font is also a reflection of product performance and image. How to highlight the Custom Cosmetic Essential Oil Bottle Paper Box through font typography, Xiaonuo knows that there are good font websites to choose from, such as the word origin, the font squirrel, the word soul website, and Lost Type. The website has classified the rich font resources, which is very convenient to use. Select the appropriate font according to the positioning of the product. Assuming that the product is a domestic cosmetics with a classic charm, you can choose a calligraphy font or a handwritten font, such as Hanyi Xindi Silk Road Body, Hanyi Changli Song Engraving, etc., and choosing the appropriate font can reflect The connotation of the brand and the image of the brand.

The second is the layout of the Custom Cosmetic Essential Oil Bottle Paper Box. If the content displayed is too concise, it will easily become a three-nothing product. Too much complexity will easily cause consumer fatigue. So while displaying the content fully through typography, it captures the hearts of consumers. Xiao Nuo's reference materials for typesetting materials, such as Photonet, Petal, InDesign, etc., are all very useful.

Custom Cosmetic Essential Oil Bottle Paper Box was handed over to PAP, a supplier with 20 years of production and design experience, providing customers with one-stop overall packaging box design and production. Contact us and let your cosmetic packaging box shine.