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How can the paper box packing plant maintain high quality and efficient printing

Three features of box printing
1, gravure gravure printing, ink full three-dimensional sense. In a variety of color box printing, printing quality is superior. And the quality is stable. Printing plate life. Suitable for mass printing. Gravure printing can be printed very thin materials, color box printing, such as less than 80 grams of paper. But gravure printing plate complex high price, its benzene ink pollution environment. These two problems affect the development of gravure printing. In particular, a large number of large number of printing, short version at the same time requires a large number of low prices of printing, so that gravure printing lost market.

2. Offset printing is mainly used for printing paper materials. Offset printing press color box printing format can change, more flexible. The offset press is also improving its printing function. After the improvement and the addition of some parts, the toy color box printing, you can print corrugated board. After modification and addition of UV drying unit, UV printing can be printed.

3. The main advantage of flexo printing is simple equipment structure, easy to form a production line. In offset, concave, flexo printing three color box printing equipment flexo printing machine is the simplest structure. Therefore, flexo printing machine price is relatively low, color box printing equipment investment. At the same time, because the equipment is simple, stone color box printing, easy to operate, easy to maintain. At present, the vast majority of flexo printing machine, color box printing, and such as gold, glazing, cutting, cutting, die-cutting, indentation, punching, window and other processing technology line, forming a production line. We greatly increased labor productivity. Flexo printing can print almost all color boxes and use all substrates. Especially in the color box printing corrugated printing has a unique place. Flexo printing is widely used in water - based ink. No pollution, to protect the environment, especially suitable for packaging color box printing.

Ink close to the moving parts printed together, so that the moving parts, you do not have to spend a lot of time to run the ink, sometimes just a pass paper can run good ink, improve the printing speed, save time.

A lot of live parts need customers to follow the machine color, sometimes the ink run well, but also need to wait for customer confirmation, spend a lot of time. Therefore, generally should be printed according to the sample printing does not need customers with machine parts, the simple parts out of the press.

In a word, how to design the production tasks should be based on the experience of the pilot and the specific situation of the live parts. The pilot should carefully read the production task list, make clear the specific requirements of the live parts, and make preparations in advance, so as to maintain high quality and efficient printing.