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The early embossing printing process printing plate took a lot of time, and the quality of the printed products could not be guaranteed. With the development of 3D software and laser engraving technology, the embossing printing process was obtained on the stereo visual effect of Custom Made Cigarette Paper Packaging Box Significant improvement.


The concave-convex process is to form a three-dimensional effect on the surface of the paper higher than the plane of the paper through a pre-made engraving model and pressure. Concavo-convex embossing is also called embossing. The process of applying pressure from the back of the paper to bulge the surface is commonly known as "bumping"; while applying pressure from the front of the paper to dent the surface is called "embossing". It is a printed matter The common technology in the surface finishing process is mainly to emphasize a part of the overall design to highlight its important position.


Convex printing process

In this process, a set of concave-convex printing plates (male and female) is first produced according to the designed graphics. Using the greater pressure of a letterpress stamping machine, the three-dimensional space is rolled out on the printed partial graphics or in the blank space. The graphics make the printed products have a three-dimensional effect. The entire structure also has rich levels, adding more and more intense artistry.

The embossing process is an environmentally friendly process, and its production process is free of any pollution. It is widely used in the market. From high-end fashion products to business cards, the bump process has become one of the most common process technologies in the printing, packaging and graphic design industries.

Common prints include exquisite books and magazine covers, gift packaging, advertising leaflets, posters, handbags, cosmetic boxes, envelopes and stationery, children's calligraphy and painting books, Custom Made Cigarette Paper Packaging Box, and so on.

Concavo-convex embossing is also widely used in paper surface processing. Many domestic and foreign manufacturers produce professional machines for paper processing. The lines are diverse and have very special artistic effects.