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Can capture a large number of people's beef jerky, fresh ligaments, the more chewing the more fragrant, people ca n’t stop wanting to eat, in order to better attract consumers ’attention, on the beef jerky gift box The pursuit of creative design requires clever use of color to create visual impact.

Different colors can cause different visual responses and different mental activities. Then the PAP packaging for the beef jerky gift box uses 350 grams of gray board and primary color E corrugated paper.

The quality is determined internally and the product is determined by the material. The beef jerky gift box highlights the stylish atmosphere. The box body pattern and the imported four-color printing process make it possible to flatten the indentation to die-cut and better display the beautiful curve of the gift box , The bayonet design and the gift box are integrated, not only sturdy, load-bearing but also good, not only looks so simple, unique craftsmanship, not only classic, but also very practical.